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FTP File Access

You will get FTP file Access, which means total control to move any file from your server to any particular location you want. It is mostly available with our Windows Hosting so that you can manage files with ease. Moreover, it helps the visitors to download the files easily from your server. Furthermore, you too can download any files from the server to your personal computer and vice versa. 

Drag & Drop Website Builder

If we say that you can build a website within by just dragging and dropping the things you want to include. Impossible!!! Now it is possible to build a website of your own without learning any coding language with the Drag & Drop Website Builder features by FlickMax. It will help you to create a unique website with several tools at your fingertip. 

Almost All CMS Support

We assure you to offer almost all type of CMS Support with our hosting services. CMS or Client Management System will provide you with a customized site-building opportunity without getting your brain complicated with various features. We will offer you a lot of free templates, unlimited hosting, and bandwidth with an experienced customer support team. 

Dedicated IP Facility

Now feel free to manage a huge amount of traffic with ease, also get the hosting services and visitors without downtime. These things are only possible with our dedicated IP Facility. An IP address is a unique identity that will help the visitors to detect you among millions of sites online. 

Unlimited Storage

Unlimited Storage or space that is sufficient to manage all your tasks easily. Here you will get unlimited bandwidth and the storage that you have paid for. You will be getting faster backup and the latest DDR4 ram as well as SSD storage to boost up your performance. 

Free CDN Facility

Free CDN facility is only available with our managed WordPress hosting, where your website also gets handled by us. You will need to give the requirements needed to be changed we also monitor every activity of your site and keep it safe from fraud attack. 

 You don’t have to worry because we are offering Sucuri CDN with our unmanaged WordPress hosting at a cheaper price than the market. 

Website Shield Protection

FlickMax is offering three-layer website shield protection that keeps you aware and safe from every attack. The first one is firewall protection, SSL certificate, and DDoS protection. You can add Sucuri security in advance with our unmanaged packages, so there will be no problem while you handle the website by own. 

cPanel & Plesk Control Panel

cPanel and Plesk interface will help you to manage everything on your site with ease. cPanel is a control panel that will help you to optimize everything of your site, and you can make the changes required with it. The Plesk Interface makes the user interface user-friendly so that you can interact with the server. 

Website Backup Option

Inside the cPanel, you will get an easy backup option that enables you to back up all the files of your site for further reference.

It is again divided into two types, Data backup, and Snapshot. Both these methods are efficient in their part like data backup helps you get the lost or old information, whereas the Snapshot will keep the screenshot of your every change of the website. It will be better to set the auto back up option. 

Virtual Server Facility

The virtual server facility feature keeps you relaxed and helps you work from any part of this world. A virtual server means now you don’t require big space to set up a server and work you are free to work anywhere. All our servers are virtual, and you will get its benefits from your home. 

Self-Manage & Fully Managed Hosting Services

We are offering two types of hosting services at a lesser price an unmanaged or self-managed and fully managed. In managed hosting services, you will be paying a bit higher. It offers you most of the services for free and everything will be managed by us. Whereas in self-managed hosting, you will be responsible for any change that occurs in your site, although it is cheaper and gives your root access to the server.   

Free SSL Certificate

A free SSL certificate means saving some of your money as well as your site from fraud and hackers. Our limited hosting plans like managed hosting offers you with free SSL certificate. 

Root Access Facility

You will get a root access facility with managed and unmanaged VPS hosting. But you will feel it more with a self-managed hosting service where you will be handling and monitoring everything of your site and server.   

Web Hosting FAQs

What is Web Hosting?

Web Hosting means allowing your website to be online on the internet occupying some space of a server given by a service provider like FlickMax. There are various types of web hosting we offer at a lesser price and reliable service. Moreover, we offer unlimited bandwidth, DDoS protection, free SSL certificate, and MySQL server. Here are three premium hosting plans available with us:

Shared Hosting:
It is for beginners who use to host a small website with fewer visitors. In this hosting, your IP is shared with several other sites, although much safer with us.

VPS Hosting:
Virtual Private Hosting or VPS is a pie of virtual space allotted to you from a physical server. Its property is quite similar to dedicated hosting but books the storage as shared hosting. This hosting is for medium type business, and a unique IP address is given with it.

Dedicated Hosting
Dedicated hosting is for people who want to do private business because here, you will get access to a full physical server. It is costly but, one of the safest hosting plans with the capacity to handle several millions of visitors at once.
For your better information, we support all payment gateway and currency. Furthermore, our customer care executive is ready to help you 24x7x365. We also offer different operating systems like Windows, Linux, Debian, Ubuntu, and CentOS, for your comfort zone.

Do I need web Hosting for my Website?

Every website hosted over the internet requires hosting from some service provider. Without web hosting, your site cannot appear online, so Yes is the answer, and your website needs web hosting.

Now, if you are confused about where to get the best web hosting service at a lower price, then FlickMax is the ultimate option. In case you don’t know which hosting will be appropriate for your website, then directly contact us, and we are always ready to help you. Even there are some of the free packages you will be getting with our hosting, so hurry.

Which is the best hosting platform to make a website?

There are several hosting platforms available to make your website, but you should always go with a reliable one like FlickMax. If you are seeking some lenient hosting platform to build your website, then go for WordPress Hosting or Website builder by FlickMax.
Moreover, we offer cPanel hosting, Plesk Hosting, Managed WordPress hosting as some other options with some mesmerizing features:

  • Free Website Backup
  • Award-Winning Security
  • Resource On-Demand
  • 24×7 Customer Support
  • World-Class Datacenter
  • Free E-Mail Addresses
  • 99.99% Uptime Guarantee
  • One-click installation.

What Types of Hosting are best for rank websites?

Shared, VPS, as well as dedicated, will be best for ranking a website, but it’s up to you to choose the one as per your budget.

If you are having lesser visitors in thousands, then better to opt for a shared web hosting service. Here you will be sharing space with several others, but unlimited bandwidth will make you limitless. Moreover, if you go for our managed hosting, then we will monitor everything on your website so that it can rank higher.

With more than a million visitors daily, then VPS hosting will be a perfect choice, with fixed space and unique IP. Moreover, you are allowed to upgrade your storage anytime required.

For several million visitors and private space, a dedicated server is the best option in this 21st century. It is also a more reliable, secure, and safest web hosting service available online, and a guarantee of higher raking.

How can I choose a perfect hosting for me?

To choose a perfect hosting for your website is quite like choosing insurance, so you have to be vigilant at the moment:

  • First of all, you have to understand what type of website you are making. How much traffic as well as the space required for your website. 
  • Secondly, here you have to recognize which type of hosting do you require, Shared or VPS, or Dedicated Hosting. If you are having a small business go for Shared Hosting in case a medium type business receiving a million visitors, then VPS Hosting. Uncertainty with these two, having several million guests, then Dedicated Hosting is the ultimate choice. 
  • Now it’s time to determine, kind of website you are building. There are various websites like blogging, e-commerce, affiliate, and personal site. 
  • Later on, the moment to check your budget.
  • Finally, search and compare the top two hosting providers and their packages, check their services in detail, then opt for the best as per reviews.

How much time take to migrate hosting from other providers?

(WordPress 3 minute, Other will Manually) It always depends on the service providers, because it may take from 1 hour to several days. In case you are migrating a WordPress hosting, then within three minutes, it will get transferred from other providers to FlickMax or vice versa. 

There is a manual option that works better for any other blogging site, so this may take some extra time. You don’t have to worry because FlickMax customer support is always ready to help you.

Can I Get a Dedicated IP facility at a low price?

Yes, you can get a dedicated IP facility at a lower price with VPS, Dedicated, or Business hosting only. Not only a unique space, but you will be, also getting dedicated storage, unlimited bandwidth, and a free SSL certificate with Web Hosting Services by FlickMax. 

You can compare our services and price with other providers over the market, be assured to get always the exclusive from us. We don’t deal with product reliability is the first and foremost factor. Our price range starts from $20 to $200 a month also offers are applicable so that you can get cheap web hosting.

Is it safe to run my affiliate website in shared hosting?

Yes, it is safe to run an affiliate website in a shared hosting

Can I upgrade my hosting plan without site migration?

If you have an existing web hosting plan with FlickMax, then yes, it is possible to upgrade your hosting plan without any migration. Even if there are no charges applied on up-gradation and while upgrading no downtime. Moreover, you will get unlimited bandwidth, and site hosting is allowed with every package.

Does FlickMax Provide a free SSL Certificate on Every Hosting Plan?

(Ultimate Linux Plesk, VPS, Dedicated, & business and WordPress ultimate and Business plan) Probably yes is the answer because we are providing a free SSL certificate with nearly every Hosting plan. Unlimited Linux Plesk, VPS, Dedicated, business, WordPress ultimate, and some other business plans are offered with a free SSL certificate by us. An SSL certificate provides authorization and protection to your website from various malware attacks. SSL certificate costs separately by other providers.

Which Plan Supports CDN integration (Free or Paid)?

 (can integrate Sucuri paid CDN On Every Plan and Can use Free CDN on Managed WordPress Hosting) Mostly with a Managed WordPress Hosting, you will be getting free CDN services. Some of the managed WordPress Hosting provided by FlickMax with different OS and Servers. 

Here are a few of them:

  • Windows or Linux VPS hosting
  • Windows or Linux Dedicated Hosting.
  • Windows or Linux Shared Hosting. 

With all the above plans, you will be getting free integrated CDN services. Moreover, you can integrate Sucuri Paid CDN on every paid scheme of FlickMax. 

Is it possible to use CDN on both Dedicated and VPS hosting?

(Paid CDN Sucuri) Yes, it is possible to use CDN with Dedicated and VPS hosting, even it is also possible to use CDN with an unmanaged server. Sucuri CDN one of the best content delivery networks in the market that can work with every VPS hosting. If you purchase a hosting server from us, then be sure to get a free CDN service along with a free SSL certificate.  

Can I use other companies' SSL on FlickMax Hosting?

Yes, this feature is also available to use other provider SSL certificates with FlickMax Web Hosting. We offer a free SSL certificate with our different hosting packages, so you don’t have to invest somewhere else. 

A managed WordPress Hosting provided by FlickMax will not allow any other company SSL certificate. If you want to use another provider SSL certificate, then go for an unmanaged VPS hosting by FlickMax.

Does FlickMax provide a website builder facility on web Hosting?

Website builder facility is not available with our web hosting plans. If you go for our WordPress hosting, then there you can build your website and host. Furthermore, we offer free SSL, hosting, unlimited storage, and unmetered bandwidth with all your web hosting. 

If you want to have a website builder facility with all these above facilities, then go for WordPress hosting by FlickMax.

Does FlickMax Support Sucuri Security on every hosting plan?

Yes, FlickMax supports Sucuri Security on every hosting plan, but as it is a third-party service, so you have to pay some extra charges for it. With our every hosting plan, you will be getting DDoS protection, Firewall, and Sucuri security will keep you safe under three tire protection. If you face any problem with our service, then contact our customer service.

How to Start a Web Hosting Business with a Small Investment?

Before saying you how to start a web hosting business, here we will give you the reasons that make hosting business prominent:

  • It is one of the most lenient processes where you are doing legalized and licensed work without investing a large amount. Remember you should always provide the accurate thing promised in your packages. 
  • There is some additional revenue that will be added to your wallet when someone buys a package from you. 
  • Work inside your comfort, and the best thing is that you don’t have to wait for customers. Focus on services customers will come attracted towards it. 
  • Every day your business will get double and reach the next level of success. 

Now we will be discussing how to start hosting a business with low capital:

  • First of all, it’s time to target the audience, to which group of people you want to sell your product. 
  • Then research what is their requirement and what others are providing at what price. 
  • What type of server you need, like dedicated, VPS, cloud, or dedicated cloud servers? 
  • Now design your business modules, do proper research for it. Always try to offer at a price or service better than your competitors.
  • Finally, make your team of IT experts who will be helping you with handling the problems of customers. 
  • If you need any help or want to purchase any server for your business, then contact FlickMax. We will provide you the steps to your success, but climb it of your own.

Does every hosting plan provide an unlimited bandwidth feature?

Yes, probably all our hosting plans provide an unlimited bandwidth feature so that you will not be having a problem with visitors. Unmetered Bandwidth facility isn’t available with other hosting providers in the market, or some promises of unlimited but charges up to a limit. FlickMax is the only brand that offers you Truly Unlimited bandwidth supporting millions of visitors at a time.

Is it possible to add Domain, hosting, and SSL at a time in my cart?

Yes, of course, you are free and open to adding the domain, hosting, and SSL certificate at a time in your cart. Even your services will be instantly activated so that you can build, host, monitor, and manage your site with ease. 

It will be better to have a hosting server that will offer most of these things free of cost or at a minimal price. Moreover, keep connected with us to know more about the offers.